Health and Wellness

  • Veterans Symposium March 30th

    Free Veteran symposium, panel and resource networking opportunity. Presented by Family Services, Inc. Veterans and their families are encouraged to attend.

  • Mission: Healthy Relationships – Lansdowne Resort & Spa

    Virginia Veteran & Family Support proudly presents the Mission: Healthy Relationships retreat at the Lansdowne Resort & Spa in Leesburg on April 7 – 9, 2017. Registration fee of $25 per couple, but completely refunded after completion of the workshop. Call Brittany Jones at 540-671-8425 to register.


    Hero Dogs currently has facility dogs for placement to a qualified clinician or staff member in a residential or health care setting. Facility dogs “work” full-time at the facility under the care and supervision of a staff member to achieve specific treatment or program goals through animal-assisted therapy.

  • Service Members and Veterans Needed for TBI Study

    Your input may help improve health care services offered to you and help your fellow service members and veterans!

  • Care Giver Study Seeks Participants

    Do you care for a service member or veteran who had a TBI after October 2001 while serving in the military? If so, you may be eligible to participate in a study requested by Congress.

  • Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse

    Many treatment plans for psychological and physical wounds alike include the use of prescription medications. Certain types, such as those to treat pain or anxiety, have the potential to cause dependence. This article by Real Warriors explores the rise of prescription drug misuse in the military and how to prevent it.

  • Alcohol Misuse: Early Signs and Symptoms

    Alcohol is commonly used by service members and civilians alike. It is sometimes used as a social activity with your buddies or a way to cope with stress. Either way, alcohol use can sometimes become harmful without realizing it. This article from Real Warriors looks at the signs of alcohol misuse and “How Much Is Too Much”?

  • Brain Training for Military and Veteran Caregivers

    The Center for BrainHealth is offering a Military Spouses and Caregivers Training March 8th and 9th in Silver Spring MD. Free to military and veteran caregivers. Registration is required.

  • American Red Cross Reconnection Workshops

    The American Red Cross offers free reconnection workshops aimed to help military, veterans and their families readjust to civilian life.

  • Blue Star Families – Caregivers Event – Feb 3

    Blue Star Families will be hosting an event for service member and veteran caregivers on Friday, February 3 from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm at the Soldier & Family Assistance Center on Fort Belvoir. The event will allow fellow caregivers to learn the benefits of essential oils. Lunch, chocolate fondue found, and personalized oils will be provided.