Civilian Life

The transition to civilian life is a culture change and for some, may be overwhelming. ServingTogether was created to connect you with the resources to answer your questions and navigate the way. You may search our Service Directory for additional information.

  • Accessing Replacement Awards and Decorations

    This guide is provided by National Archives and Records Administration. Have you lost you medals, or are you seeking the service medals awarded to a loved one?  The National Archives and Records Administration has put together a how-to for each service and information for those requesting replacement medals and awards. How do I request military […]

  • Military Medals and Ribbons

    Guide provided by Click on each crest to view the medals and ribbons for that branch of the military.                     

  • Military Rank Structure

    Ever wonder about those shiny things on a service member’s collar meant?  What a Master Chief Petty Officer meant in the grand scheme of things?  Our military is reputable for having a structured way of conducting its business; so take a look at how the personnel are structured. These links will direct you to each […]

  • Military Ribbon Rack Builder

    Guide provided by Click on each crest to build your ribbon rack.                      

  • Military Skills Translator

    One of the difficulties in transitioning from military to civilian life is determining how your particular military skill fits in the civilian workforce. The Military Skills Translator tool will help you to translate your military skills, experience and training to find career opportunities that best align with your training and capabilities. Click HERE to access the […]

  • Resources for New Residents of Montgomery County

    Are you a veteran who is a new resident in the Montgomery County area?  We would like to welcome you by providing a few helpful resources that may answer some of your questions about your new community. 1.  American Legion Post Locator  2.  MCPS Department of Student Services 3.  Disabled American Veterans 4.  Veterans Affairs Medical Center, […]