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If you’re married to a service member, you may be one of the 84% of employed active duty spouses who say that military affiliation had a negative impact on their ability to pursue a career. Frequent moves, deployments, and family separations are just a few of the obstacles military spouses face in their career.

At the same time, they know that military families with employed spouses have greater financial security, better mental health, and higher satisfaction with the military lifestyle. Their annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey gives a direct line to understanding family concerns, including career challenges. They know that over half of the active duty spouses who aren’t working want to be employed—a rate of un- and underemployment far greater than the national average.

Blue Star Families’ mission is to help military families with challenging hurdles—both during and after active service. Our military spouse career programs support military family members through their entire career journey.

The Blue Star Careers suite of initiatives and resources designed to support military spouses include:

  • Networks Live! and Networks Live! On Demand – in-person and virtual networking events, workshops, and professional development opportunities connecting military spouses to industry leaders, mentors, and employers.
  • SpouseForce – free training and support designed to help military spouses gain certification as Salesforce administrators, a proficiency in high demand by today’s employers.
  • Employment Networks Support Initiative – community specific employment support in San Diego, CA and Jacksonville, FL.


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