America’s Veterans: The Next Mission

As American service members return home, they are faced with new challenges in their transition from deployment to civilian life. Chief among these challenges are access to affordable housing, finding well-paying, secure employment and physical and mental health concerns.

What key barriers exist for the 20 million US veterans living in the country and what policies should leaders in the administration and on Capitol Hill put in place in order to assist them in the reintegration process? How can the private sector and communities across the country create pathways to opportunity for veterans and their families? What programs can employers put in place to help veterans leverage their skillset and maximize the prospect of long term financial well-being?

Immediately following Veterans Day, The Hill will sit down with members of Congress and veterans to shine a light on the unique challenges the men and women of our armed forces face as they return home. In a series of conversations, we will seek to underscore efforts to support veterans as they move from the battlefield to the homefront.

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