Washington DC Veteran Transportation

These programs may include: driving clients to and from healthcare/doctor appointments or work/school, providing vouchers for public transportation or cab services. Additional programs may make it possible for individuals who do not drive and cannot use public transportation to obtain rides for essential trips, such as medical appointments, business errands, shopping and other activities.

Transportation services vary among communities and may be “fixed route” (i.e., similar to a bus route, with scheduled stops and routes) or “demand response” (i.e., like taxi service, providing on-demand, door-to-door service). Services may be provided by urban and rural transit systems, human service organizations, churches and other providers. These services may include dial-a-ride, bus tokens and/or transit passes for fixed-route scheduled services, taxi vouchers and mileage reimbursement to volunteers or program participants.

Please go to our Services page to see the providers for Transportation Services for Veterans in the Washington DC area.