DC Veterans Prevention Fund

Examples of allowable expenses:
• Rental Arrears and Fees (Application, Parking, Etc.)
• Deposit Fees
• Legal Fees
• Mortgage Assistance
• Food Assistance
• Childcare Costs
• Transportation Assistance
• Other Car Costs (License Reinstatement, Ticket Fees, Etc.)
• Other Assistance Allowable by SSVF Providers
• Funds can only be used one time, all referrals subject to approval
• Veterans who are not eligible for SSVF or VHA may be eligible
• Referrals through email at vfscreen@friendshipplace.org or by phone at 202-658-9599 operated and monitored by Friendship Place
• All referrals should include Veteran’s name, contact information, and assistance needs
• All calls and emails are responded to within 24 business hours. If funds are needed within 24 hours of the time of referral, providers should mark “expedite” on the referral

*****This service is for DC Veteran Households Only Please*****