DCPA Military Psychology Conference – Apr 27

DCPA Military Psychology Conference: 6 Hours of CE

Friday April 27, 2018, 10:00-5:00

Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 901 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

This workshop is designed for Mental Health Professionals interested in learning more about military psychology and providing psychological services to members of the military (both active duty and veterans). Workshop participants will acquire knowledge in topics related to neuropsychology, women, resilience, suicide, PTSD in the military as well as transitioning into jobs out of the military to include the DC licensure process. They will also learn about the prevalence of PTSD, Depression, TBI, and other psychological issues among veterans. An introduction of military psychology will be provided by Dr. Jerry Krueger to start the conference.

 “Military Suicide Prevention and the Assessment and Treatment of Suicidal Risk” Dr. David Jobes, PhD

Attendees will receive an overview of the problem of suicide in the military, examples of clinical assessment of suicidal risk with service members and examples of clinical treatments of suicidal risk with service members.

“Neuropsychology in the Military” CAPT Carrie Kennedy, PhD

Participants will be able to identify the unique challenges and requirements associated with neuropsychological conditions in military members.

 “Resilience in the Military Community” Paul Bartone, PhD, Colanda Cato, PhD, COL John Via, MAJ Karl Umbrasas, PhD

Attendees will be able to identify various strategies for building and maintaining resilience in grief peer supporters. Additionally, attendees will be able to define general and unit (team) resilience and understand potential unit (team) resilience phases and both individual and team resilience factors. They will learn performance optimization approaches for leaders and operational personnel that may enhance their resilience. They will also learn how decreased resilience leads to forensic issues.

“A Functional Approach to Conceptualizing Cases of PTSD with Comorbid Problems” Dr. Dave Riggs

Participants will be able to identify different PTSD co-morbid conditions and treatment.

 “Working with Service Members Who Are Transitioning to the Civilian Work Force” Nathan Ainspan, PhD, Tony Jiminez, PhD, CAPT Carrie Kennedy, COL John Via, Lt Col Cordry

Attendees will learn about the 3 Service’s psychology programs and be able describe important concepts of the military culture, recommend resources for the military members/family transitioning from the military and steps to get licensed as a psychologist in DC.

“Charting the course: challenges and success stories for women in the military” CDR Arlene Saitzyk, PhD, Jessica Gallus, PhD, 1Lt Hannah Martinez, Allison Abbe, PhD, Colanda Cato, PhD, LTC Ingrid Lim, PhD, Maj Catherine War,.

Attendees will learn about current challenges and accomplishments of Military women.

Cost: $75 for members, $85 nonmembers, $10 students, free for active duty

Lunch will be served at 1:00 with a reception to follow the last presentation at 5:00.

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