Emotional Freedom Technique


Submitted by Neil Goodman, disabled Vietnam Veteran

Veteran’s are unfortunately still dealing with PTSD.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a cutting-edge protocol. It helps to diffuse anxiety on the spot. Veteran’s and their Health Care Professional’s find it invaluable for healing deep seeded emotional trauma. In fact, Veteran’s may find a portion of the procedures so unusual that they actually laugh during the session… and we all recognize how healing laughter can be!

-a powerful video and testimonial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4hhMm8qsCs

-download a free workbook: eftuniverse.org  


About Neil Goodman

Mr. Goodman is a disabled Vietnam Veteran who volunteers at the DC VA Medical Center. Mr. Goodman facilitates monthly Mindfulness Meditation workshops for Veteran.