Food Truck Training Program

Chow is a dedicated community builder. Through a broad range of services, Chow is the “go-to” for veterans and military spouses seeking to enhance their culinary talents. Whether it is impressing guests for a dinner party or operating one of Chow’s trucks, consider joining this unique training program!

Chow gives veterans and spouses the opportunity to own and operate food trucks. They bridge the gap between a veteran leaving the service and entering the culinary industry through the Food Truck Training Program (FTTP).

The FTTP sets up select veterans with a food truck, menu, branding, supply chain support, food safety training, and much more. These veterans operate under the Chow support umbrella and receive logistic and technical support.

The goal is, once the veteran or military spouse has learned enough about the culinary industry, they are free to pursue their own business venture – perhaps opening a restaurant of their own.

Through the profits of these trucks, Chow pursues other initiatives supporting veterans and military families through cooking therapy, cookware donations, culinary education, and online recipes.

Check out the Chow website for more information or to ask for an application!
Food Truck Training (1).png