Fort Belvoir Retiree Appreciation Day – Sept 8

Fort Belvoir Retiree Appreciation Day September 8, 2017


And as a special offer:

Sentara’s Mobile 3D Digital Mammography Van will be at 
Fort Belvoir’s Retiree Appreciation Day!

Spector Field House

5975 12th Street, Bldg. 1182

Ft. Belvoir, VA

Friday  September 8, 2017

8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Open to Ladies 40 years old or older without a prescription;

39 or younger must have a prescription for “annual” screening

Must have a physician;

Must be able to climb 5 steps;

Bring your insurance card and Physician’s contact information; and

Photo Identification (driver’s license/passport)

Important: Please bring your prior mammography images or the name of the facility where they were done.

Advance appointment needed. Need at least 5 retirees and/or dependents to sign up.

To schedule your appointment, please call Central Scheduling @ 703-523-1560

(No deodorant, powders, perfume or hairspray on the day of the exam)

Please call Yvonne @ 703-523-1997 if you have any questions or concerns.