Free REBOOT Transition Workshop

Attention Washington D.C-based Women Military, Veterans & Spouses!

The National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. (NVTSI) and our sponsors invites you to attend a special [free] all-women’s military & veterans REBOOT [transition] Workshop scheduled for March 14 through 01 April, 2016 at Argosy University in Arlington, VA.


Studies show that women veterans face greater challenges than their male counterparts. Yet there are very few programs to help them re-assimilate into civilian life – and many feel left behind. To answer the call, NVTSI also known as REBOOT, has launched the Women Veterans Initiative. We designed the program to meet the unique needs of women veterans as they transition from military culture to civilian life.


The REBOOT Workshop™ is the nation’s only transition program of its kind that provides women vets with the tools they need to succeed.


The REBOOT Workshop™ is based around how we think and how our thoughts impact every facet of our lives. It demonstrates how we let habits, attitudes and beliefs stand in the way of releasing our inner potential. It also reveals how our beliefs and expectations about ourselves, our families, and our futures are directly related to our current realities.


The REBOOT Workshop™ is designed to build awareness of how your mind works, how to control the way you think and how to achieve success in any part of your life. The program also shows you how important it is for those that have suffered a traumatic experience in particular, as well as their families, friends and caregivers, to lock on to the power of the mind, and focus on a productive and contributive future.


Program duration is three-weeks and involves 20 to 25 participants. Each week involves interactive sessions followed by short discussions. Participants are asked to look introspectively at their lives and write answers to reflective questions outlined in the resource material with the facilitators directing group discussions.


The REBOOT Workshop™ is divided into three parts:

  • Week I – Military-to-Civilian Personal Transition. Developed by The Pacific Institute®, week one Addresses the Transition Domains of personal effectiveness and wellbeing.
  • Week II – Military-to-Civilian Lifestyle Transition. Developed by Operation Legacy, week two Addresses the Transition Domains of living situation and community-life functioning.
  • Week III – Military-to-Civilian Career Transition. Week three Addresses the Transition Domains of employment, career and education.

Graduates of REBOOT have a 98% success rate in transitioning to a new life/career.


Job placement assistance is available to graduates through our partner network – for life!


Enrollment in the REBOOT Workshop™ is by online application only by clicking below or visiting


For information please contact Kalem Riley at 619-822-2701 or


Limited seats are available for this unique opportunity.