Free Tickets To Weinberg Center Events Available for Area Veterans

The Weinberg has a program you may be familiar with called Vets’ Night Out, which provides free tickets to Weinberg Center events for area veterans. This is made possible through a generous grant from the Delaplaine Foundation. We hope this program will not only help us thank our local veterans for their service, but that it will also provide a social, arts-based activity to boost camaraderie in the local veteran community.

Most events on the Weinberg calendar are open for this program, as long as there are tickets available. You can check out the full season at You will also see the most up-to-date masking and vaccination requirements to visit the theater. To get your tickets, please contact Jef Cliber in the Weinberg Center Box Office at  or 301.600.2878. Simply confirm the name and number of the party, and show you would like your tickets for with Jef, and specify that you are participating in the Vets’ Night Out program.