Great Resource for Military & Veteran Caregivers

The Military Veteran Caregiver Network (MVCN) recently became a part of the American Red Cross mission to support the members of military and veteran communities.

  • The mission of the MVCN is to provide our nation’s pre- and post-9/11-era military and veteran caregivers with peer support to reduce their isolation and increase their sense of connectedness, engagement, hopefulness, wellness, as well as their knowledge and skills.
  • The MVCN offers caregivers access to the highest quality peer support programs and services– online and in their communities– through collaboration with partner organizations, agencies and groups that share a commitment to reducing caregiver isolation.

Military and veteran caregivers can access the services of the MVCN by contacting their local Red Cross office to secure a referral.

  • Caregivers can also go to and fill out the brief application.
  • After caregivers fill out their name and email, they are contacted via email with further instructions and a vetting document.
  • All caregivers are vetted through documentation or by partner referral such as Blue Star Families or The Elizabeth Dole Foundation.
  • After vetting, caregivers receive their login credentials to the secure custom online caregiver assistance.

The MVCN allows caregivers to offer one another support, understanding and encouragement.

  • The focus is on America’s approximately 5.5 million caregivers of military and veteran wounded, ill or injured.
  • Support is offered through three peer-based programs:
  • Online Peer Support Community
  • Online & Community-Based Peer Support Groups
  • Peer Mentor Support Program

The MVCN helps caregivers of all ages and stages to include clinicians, partners and supporters.

  • They provide access to three open caregiver-focused services:
  • Resource Library
  • Caregiver Master Calendar
  • WeCare Magazine (E-zine)

The Military and Veteran Caregiver Network is modeled on the nationally recognized, evidence-based programs of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), 

  • TAPS programs offer compassionate peer-based support to more than 60,000 loved ones of those who have died during their service in the Armed Forces.
  • The MVCN took this model and changed the scope to support military and veteran caregivers.

To find out about MVCN programs and services, as well as the opportunity to join a secure custom caregiver only community, go to