Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans Operation Roll Call

Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans is offering a new program called Operation Roll Call.

How MCV Operation Roll Call works:

Veterans and/or Veteran’s family members (with the veteran’s written or verbal consent to the MCV Regional Resource Coordinator {RRC}) can be a part of the MCV Operation Roll Call by calling the MCV 24/7 Hotline at 1/877-770-4801 to register for a once a week or bi-weekly call or as we say “Roll Call” check-in.

Who Qualifies for MCV Operation Roll Call:

To be a part of the MCV Operation Roll Call, you must have served in the military and reside within the State of Maryland.

What is needed to be a part of the MCV Operation Roll Call:

The veteran must have a working cell phone and/or landline. The veteran will also need an alternate person (family member, friend, neighbor, etc…) who will agree to check on the veteran if the RRC is unable to reach them after three call attempts.

How does the veteran register:

The veteran will need to call the MCV 24/7 Hotline at 1/877-770-4801 to request to be a part of MCV Operation Roll Call. The call information will then be directed to their local RRC. The RRC will then reach out to the veteran to obtain the information needed to place them in the MCV Operation Roll Call program. Once the veteran has completed registration, the RRC will call to check in on the veteran once a week or once every two weeks (whichever the veteran chooses). A copy of the form can be mailed/emailed to the veteran upon their request.

What else should the veteran know:

If the veteran does not respond after at least 3 attempts, the RRC will then call the alternate contact to have the contact check on the status of the veteran. This is a voluntary program which the veteran may opt out of at any time. None of the veteran’s information will be shared with any other organizations.