Mission Beelieve

Mission Beelieve provides a beekeeping education for local Veterans and First Responders. Their goal is to create a relaxing environment, while educating about the vocational aspects of beekeeping. This program gives a sense of purpose and a way to reconnect with the community.

Most Veterans coming home are used to being needed by many, losing the sense of purpose everyday can be very disheartening.

They created the foundation with hands-on workshops and seminars, to help veterans begin to feel some peace, learn a new trade and connect with the community while embracing the therapeutic and vocational aspects of beekeeping.
Who else better to protect pollinators than the men and women who protect us every day?

What they offer

  • Beginning beekeeper course​

  • Beekeeper Handbook 5th Ed.

  • Hands on workshops

  • Mentor Support

  • Community outreach

  • Monthly Educational Meeting

  • Continued Educational Classes

How does it help

  • Provides a purpose

  • Sense of Peace

  • Connecting with like individuals

  • Economic opportunities

  • Protecting/restoring the environment

  • Providing a way to reintegrate back into the community

  • Helps direct negative energy into positive energy

Unique Learning Experiences

If you are a veteran or first responder interested in beekeeping, join Mission Beelieve for a unique learning opportunity.  Additional to the beekeeping basics and continuing education, they promote ways to reverse pollinator declines and improve bee health through holistic beekeeping, conservation, habitat restoration, and educational outreach.