Ninth Annual Warrior Community Integration Symposium

This Year’s Theme
Help Lead the Way in the veteran community by joining us at this year’s Warrior Symposium. The purpose for this annual event is for attendees to take knowledge, resources, contacts, and skills back to their organizations to run more effectively, efficiently, and collaboratively. We hope to address and identify our communities’ needs, barriers, and triumphs. In turn, organizations unite to combat issues, develop referral processes, and establish positive steps to elevate the military-veteran service industry.

October 4-6 2022 Atlanta GA / Virtual Options also available

2022 Topic Tracks:

·         Preventing Suicide

·         ​​​​​​Accessing Healthcare

·         Navigating the Transition Process

·         Obtaining Meaningful Employment

·         Navigating Community Systems

·         Choosing the Right Education Path

·         Housing Challenges

·         Finding Purpose

Stay tuned for early-bird registration in the coming month!

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