Project Horse Empowerment Center


Project Horse Empowerment Center

Our Warrior Herd program is accepting referrals & applications for NO COST Equine

Assisted Therapy Groups for Veterans. These non-riding groups are face-to-face,
delivered in person at our Purcellville facility in Northern Virginia. In partnership with our
therapy herd, our team helps Veterans to tackle some key mental health issues related
to their military service experience. The non-riding approach is ideal for helping Veterans
develop and improve techniques for being mindful and present, managing stress and
anxiety, communicating clearly, setting boundaries, and enhancing resilience. In addition
to skills building, these groups encourage self-exploration and self-efficacy.


• Groups run for 6-week periods
• Sessions last 75 to 90 minutes and are held once weekly
• Max of 6 participants per group
• There is NO COST for Veterans to participate

1) REFER / APPLY. Veterans can apply at Applications
should be submitted ASAP, since groups fill as Veterans are accepted. Veterans may self refer, or they may be referred by a VA provider, private provider or VSO.
2) REVIEW. Once an application is received, our Warrior Herd clinical team conducts a review
within 1 business day of receipt, to ensure the Veteran likely meets our group guidelines.
3) INTAKE. After review, qualified applicants are contacted via email to schedule a Zoom intake
call. During this call, our clinical team asks the Veteran questions about their physical and
mental health, and gives the Veteran an opportunity to ask questions about the program.
4) SELECTION. Based on the intake call, a Veteran is notified as to whether or not they are
accepted into a current group or put on our Wait List.
5) CONFIRMATION. Accepted Veterans are confirmed via email, within 2 business days of the intake call. The group’s session schedule becomes finalized and sent out to participants.


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