Sound the Alarm Signature Event – Apr 28

This is going to be a big event with a goal of 1,000 fire alarms installed.   Red Cross will be partnering with Prince George’s County FD, County Leaders, Red Cross national leaders, corporate leaders, and MD political leaders.  This is going to be a great half day volunteer event with the chance to literally save lives!  Instructions on volunteering are as follows:

  1. For individuals: Individuals can go through the process to become a Red Cross volunteer and then follow the instructions for a ‘current volunteer’

OR  they can fill out the registration on the form as would be done for a group.

For group name: SAF – Individual’s Name”

Number in group: 1

2. For Groups: Complete registration form and self-identify as an SAF volunteer by entering SAF – Your Group Name in Group Organization section 2 (example below). It is IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW THIS NAMING CONVENTION AND TO BEGIN WITH THE PREFIX SAF –

It is important that team names have a consistent identifier to ensure accuracy and feasibility of reporting. Team names can be anything a group chooses, but they must begin with ‘SAF – .’  The team leader designee will sign up, utilizing the process outlined above.

Note: It is very important that the appropriate format for the Group/Organization name is written in the format ‘SAF – Group Name.’ If the appropriate heading is not used, then it is more difficult to track volunteers or groups.  The team leader/SAF designee will indicate how many people they intend to bring, e.g., 25.

     Once the team leader/SAF designee has signed up, team members should also sign up at However, to avoid oversubscription and incorrect volunteer counts, all team members should put ‘0’ (zero) for the number of people in the group. Only the team leader will put the number of team members in the registration form. This is important to ensure an accurate headcount for events; if all team members also put ‘25’ for the size of the group, the group would be significantly oversubscribed for that event.