Support of our Troops and Veterans





Support Our Troops and Veterans

Red Cross Service to Armed Forces team is collecting toiletries and snack items for overseas troops and veteran patients.


Sugar/Powdered creamer


Laundry Pods

Denture Adhesive/Cleaner

Nail Clippers

Razors /Shaving cream

Baby wipes

Body Wash

Toothbrush /Toothpaste

Lip Balm, Sun Screen (Lotion)

Individually wrapped snacks/candy

Pop Tarts/ Rice Krispee treats

Tuna pouches/ Tuna Snack Packs/Potted meats

Personal Size peanut butter

Ramen/Cup a Soup

Beef Jerky/Dried Fruit

Please contact Patti Wilson

434 996 8618 or

to arrange pickup