Upcoming TAPS Institute Webinars for Hope and Healing

The Institute warmly invites you to participate in these upcoming programs. Each is designed to provide comforting insight and inspiration as you walk along your grief journey or help others on their path.
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Grieving Styles and Family Dynamics: Communicating With Children and Teens
April 13 | Noon – 1:00 pm ET | Live Webinar
Each of us has our own way of feeling most comfortable in the world. This is also true when we are grieving the death of someone in our lives. There are many different ways individuals may express, cope with, and experience their grief. This presentation will discuss different grieving styles, with a focus on children and teens, and many of the dynamics impacted by a death in the family.
Join Andy McNiel to discuss how you can increase understanding, communicate needs, and support different grieving styles among your family members.
Presenter: Andy McNiel, MA, Senior Advisor, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
Intended audience: Anyone interested in learning about grieving styles and improving communication with children and teens.


The Helper’s Journey: Empathy, Compassion, and the Challenge of Caring in a Challenging Time
April 20 | Noon – 1:30 pm ET | Live Webinar
Working with people confronting grief, loss, trauma, illness and tragedy in all its forms is an intensely personal endeavor, bringing us into contact with the deepest parts of ourselves, and exposing us to the well-documented risks of burnout, moral distress, and compassion fatigue. This applies to all helpers within the TAPS community—professional clinicians, volunteers, and family caregivers as well. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are elevating these risks, making even greater attention to care for the caregiver essential. Fortunately, a growing body of research and clinical wisdom now also tells us we can exert significant control over stress and its effects on us, and that we can often even wrest personal and professional growth from it. These positive outcomes are linked to an array of coping strategies and skills for strengthening emotional resilience, optimizing self-care, and increasing clinical effectiveness emerging from the fields of positive psychology, neurobiology, and psychotherapy.
In this workshop we will explore some of these key strategies and skills, including balanced empathy, mindfulness, cognitive-affective stress management techniques, self-compassion, strengthened social support, and a deepened sense of purpose and mission in the work. With these building blocks of resilience in place, we can counter exhaustion with vigor, moral distress with moral courage, and our suffering as helpers with its restorative meaning; we can transform and transcend stress, fulfill our
purpose in the work, and live a life aligned with cherished values. This program and learning is meant to provide an opportunity to reflect on how you can find balance on the helping journey—balance between the demands you face and the resources you have to meet them, between giving to others and giving to yourself.
Presenter: Dale Larson, PhD, Professor, Department of Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University
Intended audience: Professional clinicians, volunteers, and family caregivers
Continuing Education Information: 1.5 CEs is available for a variety of boards for $25 per certificate. Click here to see the list of board approvals.


Coping with Special Days—Finding Comfort in Remembering
April 27 | Noon – 1:00 pm ET | Live Webinar
Spring can be filled with “special” days, whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, upcoming graduations or weddings. For those who are grieving, these days can be difficult, as they can be painful reminders of those we have loved and lost. Join Patti Anewalt to discuss some techniques to help you cope with these days and explore creative ways to commemorate your loved one. The conversation will include ways to include young children and teens in these activities, as well as an acknowledgement of the additional challenges that have been brought about by the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Presenter: Patti Anewalt, PhD, LPC, FT, Director of the Pathways Center for Grief & Loss
Intended audience: Anyone interested in learning about grieving styles and improving communication with children and teens.


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