We have been in your shoes…and it is OUR turn to help YOU.

As an organization founded by veterans, with a team that includes veterans and their family members, we intimately understand the stress related to transition.

When it comes to this particular crossroad in your life, you are NOT alone.

The main goal of Uplift In-Powerment is to support veterans, active duty, and their families during their transition away from military service. We work directly with you to access the critical information and resources you need for successful civilian life…including the things nobody told you.

We do this by providing educational workshops and outreach services, designed around the FAÇADE Framework.

Our approach:

The FAÇADE Framework

The FAÇADE Framework speaks to the idea of our public façade – maintaining a calm “mask” to the outside world while experiencing stress and anxiety on the inside. Our approach aims to address the main “Pain Points” that are the foundation of this façade. Knowledge is POWER, and with that knowledge, you can em-POWER yourself to resolve the particular Pain Points that are blocking you from successful civilian life. Each of the Pain Points was carefully researched before being deemed truly representative of the transitioning veteran experience.