Vets2Industry MilSpouse Networking Mixer

Vets2Industry MilSpouse Networking Mixer

Saturday, February 6, 2021, at 2 – 5 pm ET

Join Vets2Industry and their partner Kohl’s, for this event to bring military spouses the needed connections to resources, employment, and networking for their career goals.

They will have a panel discussion with a group of military spouse entrepreneurs representing vast career industries. Also, the Keynote speaker, Elizabeth O’Brien will be motivating us by sharing how she’s dedicated the better part of the last decade to improving the lives of military spouses by lifting them out of unemployment and underemployment.


2:00p-2:07p ET – V2I Welcome

2:05p ET-2:45p ET – Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth O’Brien

2:45p- 3:30p ET – MilSpouse Panelist Discussion Q&A

3:30p ET-3:35p ET – Rules of Engagement

3:35 p ET-4:00p ET – Break out room 1

4:00p- 4:10p ET – Recruiters / VSOs

4:10p ET-4:35p ET – Break out room 2

4:35p- 5:00p ET – Recruiters / VSOs

After 5:00p ET – BONUS TIME / Q&A with V2I