Watch the Recording: Shared Cost – Communities’ Roles & Veteran Transition Stress

Shared Cost: Communities’ Roles and Veteran Transition Stress

Did you miss the webinar? Check out the recording here!

The Mid-Atlantic & North East Regional Community of Practice presents the eighth Regional Community of Practice training event for our AmericaServes network users and providers in Rhode Island, New York City, Greater Pittsburgh, the National Capital Region, and larger South Hampton Roads communities.

This forum is dedicated to training AmericaServes network users on the impact of collaboration in preventing suicide and crises in the military and veteran population.

Shared Cost – Communities’ Role and Veteran Transition Stress

Presented by Meaghan Mobbs, Columbia University

Learning Objectives:

-Identify and understand transition stress

-Associated risk factors during the transition

-Role of community partners in well-being

-Recommendations to help close the “deadly gap” during the transition period


The Impact on Prevention and Where is This Heading?


Megan Andros, The Heinz Endowments

Gilly Cantor, MPA, Institute for Veterans and Military Families

Nate Birnbaum, Institute for Veterans and Military Families

Daniel Perkins, Ph.D., Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness


In Your Community: The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Discussion

Moderator: Vincent DelSignore, Community Services Program Manager at the Institute for Veteran and Military


Christy Kenady, ServingTogether

Natasha Bugey, Mission United, South Hampton Roads

David Dos Reis, RIServes

Amauri Espinal, NYC Veterans

Aaron Melius, PAServes